• Nikia Hunt

NETA Presentations: "Gamification" & "Girl Power: Closing the Gender Gap in STEAM"

Gamification: We All Win- Don't be intimidated by gamification! Learn how gamification can be customized for your purpose, ambition, time-frame, and classroom needs. See gamification through various lenses as we demonstrate its diverse uses- as a method of content delivery, a motivator, community builder, opportunity for collaboration, and as a classroom management tool.

Girl Power: Closing the Gender Gap in STEAM-

In a world where STEAM is rapidly growing in prevalence, it is vitally important to make these fields inviting and understandable to one of their most ignored subgroups of students- girls. Come hear from two secondary STEAM teachers about factors that affect interest and motivation for students, specifically girls, in these fields and what they're doing to help close the gender gap in STEAM.

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